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Macaroni and Cheese

Any type of pasta ( I used the minishells)fixed according to package but do NOT overcook!

I fix the pasta and drain it and put it in my 9x13 baking dish. It took two boxes of the minishells for this.

1/2 stick butter
about 2 cups of milk...if you want it creamier, use more.
Various cheeses....I tend to prefer to use about 3 cups of sharp cheddar, 2 cups of monterey jack/colby mix and about a cup of mozzarella.
1/2 cup of flour.
Salt and Pepper to taste

After I put the pasta in my baking dish, I put the butter in the hot pasta and give a stir until it is melted. I immediately sprinkle 1/2 cup flour over the top and continue stirring until I can't see any dry flour. I pour the milk over the top, give it a stir. Then I start adding the cheese. I try to mix the cheese evenly and stir frequently. I then top with any type of bread crumbs, usually with a bit of parsley or italian herbs in them. I bake at 350 until it looks golden and bubbly.

Not a really scientific formula but it sure works nice. For the kind that Cory and the girls like better, I reduce the amount of milk and add (yuck!) Velveeta cheese. They think it makes it creamier and more "cheesy" tasting but I think it tastes more like fake cheese and prefer the pure cheese one!

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