Monday, November 7, 2011

Well, it isn't that great of a picture but it shows a nicely bruised and swollen eye. Just about three weeks ago my son had surgery to remove a dermoid tumor on his right eye. This tumor was in danger of affecting his eyesight and needed to be removed. I was a panicked mess. Thought I had been doing fairly well with it but that week I learned I was anxious! Of course, it brought back so many memories. My first husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor as the second plane hit the second tower on 9/11. It was really tough for me this year with it being the 10 year anniversary and so much in the news and to have received the notice that my son had a tumor in/on his head and at that point I wasn't convinced it was benign! Now I know and that makes me feel so much better!

Tomorrow is the follow up visit with the plastic surgeon. There is still one stitch left and I am not sure what they will do about that but overall my little man is recovered and doing amazing and my life is much more peaceful....for a mom of 4 that is!

Today is a quiet schedule which is amazing for me! I am enjoying that! Next week I start a 90 day weight loss/healthy living challenge. I am going to try to document that on here and see if I notice habits or patterns that are affecting me. I have also decided that I MUST get my thyroid pills back before I start that so I can have a chance! Unfortunately they are quite expensive so I have been without for awhile.

My in-laws from my first marriage were here over the weekend and left again today. It is sad when they leave. They are wonderful people and I love them dearly. I think it is appropriate that today is rainy and dreary because it matches my mood when they leave! I am blessed that I have been married twice and have a great relationship even now with BOTH of my mothers-in-law. Amazing!

I am going to go and spend a little time trying to figure out how to uplift my group of middle and high school students. It is nearing the end of the first grading period at school, the school play just ended and many of them are tired and worn out right now. That is when satan just loves to play with them!

In Him,


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