Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Here is a quote from a private facebook group I am in that I use to reach out to a small group of teenagers from our youth group. This is how I am feeling tonight!

YOU are chosen....NOT just as a part of the Super Random, God-Filled Crazy People! YOU are chosen by GOD! That amazing and wonderful universe creator cares enough to choose YOU, yes, YOU, and ME! Each and every one of us. HE chooses to care for us, He chooses to seek us out, He chooses to give His word for our enrichment, and HE chose to send His son to DIE for YOU! WOW! AMAZING! Psalm 40:5

Not only does He CHOOSE you, He has wonderful and amazing plans for your life! You have no clue what He has in store, and you would probably ARGUE with Him if He told you! You would claim to be unworthy or unwilling or unable or unqualified or any of a gazillion other "un"s. But HE knows you better than you know yourself! Look back at Abraham and Sarah....they LAUGHED when God said they would have a son...yet if you REALLY look....Genesis 12:1-7 and then 21:1-7 it was 25 YEARS (not months!) after the promise before Sarah gave birth to Isaac....WOW! A promise unfulfilled for 25 years would start to feel like a hopeless promise.

ARE YOU WILLING TO WAIT 25 YEARS FOR HIM TO FULFILL A PROMISE IN YOUR LIFE? BOY! What a challenge! But the blessings! WOW! Worth the wait!

Love you all! Even if you are VERY quiet lately!

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