Friday, March 30, 2012

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

I sit here tonight wondering....what to do this year?

In the past few years I have made it my personal challenge to make the annual egg hunt be a bit of a challenge for my children, nieces and nephews. 

One year I was nice and I just gave them a clue. Each clue led to an egg that had another clue until finally they got to me...and I had a treasure box with a prize for everyone.

The next year I did a picture hunt. I hid each egg and took a picture of it. Sometimes really close up, sometimes pretty far away, some inside, some outside. Then I printed all the pictures and gave them to the teams and the first one to bring me all their eggs won. That was a lot of fun also.
Egg "Hidden" in a coiled up extention cord

The next year I decided to do a scripture hunt. This was by far the most involved for me and probably the most fun! I gave them a list of scriptures. They had to go find a Bible, look up the scripture, read it and figure out what in it might give a clue to a hiding place for an egg...i.e. Psalm 23:2  led them to EITHER green pastures or beside quiet waters. I was mean enough to give that scripture to TWO teams (they had color coded eggs!) and hid one in the horse pasture and one beside the pond! That was definitely the most time consuming egg hunt so far! Took them a couple of hours for each team to find 20 eggs. We had three teams.

Last year I did picture riddles. When they solved the riddle they told me the answer and I gave them the slip of paper that told where their egg was. That was a lot of fun also. 
Can you tell what this picture is? Answer at bottom of blog post!

So, now I sit here, trying to figure out what to do this year. I have thoughts running through my I just repeat one of the ones from before? Do I try to find something online? Do I try to come up with something new? The only new thing I have thought up is to BE the egg. Each clue would say something like...I am in a dark place and it smells like something Apollo would like to eat...and the egg would be in our dog food bin. While another might is bright and sunny out here and I feel like I am alone in the yard....and the egg is probably in the middle of the yard (which is 3 acres so would be hard to find!)

Not sure if I can come up with enough clues for eggs and still don't know if the weather will permit an outside hunt or if we are stuck inside! 

Decisions, decisions! Well, I have a week! I guess I will sit and envision being an egg...see what I can come up with! Feel free to share if you have any ideas!

P.S. The last picture is an egg taped up inside my mom's metal bell. The bell was tipped sideways so I could take the picture so the dinger in the middle was off to the side. Took them a LONG time to figure out that picture!

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