Monday, March 12, 2012

Information Overload

Why oh why do I do this to myself! I get all excited and I follow one blog to another to another and I have all sorts of ideas! Then I get information overload! I have so many thoughts and ideas and NO clue how to prioritize and implement and such! I have them bookmarked on two different programs since I decided to finally take the step this week and quit using the internet explorer and start with Firefox. I am liking it, but my bookmarks are all mixed up! The instinct is to go and print out the stuff I wanted from each page, but that would be wasting paper and I don't want to do that! 

Instead I guess I am going to get out my calendar and write down a bookmarked page on every few days. That will be my scheduled blog to explore that day! I will explore that blog (and maybe one other that I see while I am on the first one!) and that will be my limit! I will record in ONE notebook (not 10) my initial thoughts, inspirations or plans as well as denote which website they came from and the date. If at least 3 months go by without me even remembering that idea or using it in some way, I will remove it. This will NOT be easy for me!

I will get out my recipe notebook and copy all recipes into it immediately. Not print them, toss it in the drawer and forget about it for 3 years like I usually do!

Anyone else out there regularly get information overload? Do you follow through on the thoughts that information inspires? How do you keep track of ideas and inspiration? 

And now I seem to be able to edit this as much as I want but can't get the PUBLISH button to work! Sigh! Sometimes modern stuff isn't nearly as friendly as it should be!

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