Monday, May 21, 2012

Camping Tales

Oh the joys of camping with the family!

Jessica walking the trail to the beach from the campground.
Here are some pics from our weekend. We had a blast! Even communicated, yes, really communicated with my 13 year old daughter! Who, of course, is the only one NOT pictured (other than me!) because she and I were taking turns taking the pictures! :-)
A water iris along the trail to the beach.

A cool tree stump along beach trail

We walked that trail a LOT this weekend but it was really worth it! We got a lot of exercise and spent some quality time as a family!

Hiking followed by paddle boating,
James was a COOL dude on the paddle boat

Fishing, canoeing and wading in the extremely unseasonably warm water! Of course, here in northern Indiana it was 92 degrees on Sunday night at 6:00 pm!

Playing Pooh Sticks on a bridge along a trail. Shhh...don't tell them, but they were actually NOT fighting!

Dinner Saturday night! YUMMY!
Bruce and Edith

Wonderful evening Saturday as my best friend and her husband came up to see us with their son. The kids had a BLAST playing. And we definitely enjoyed the corn on the cob and italian chicken over the fire! Topped off with some ice cream cones and it was a fun time! And yes, I know Edith will be reading this and will kill me for putting her picture on here, oh well! :-) It's done now!

Can't catch me!
Of course, trying to get the little man to hold still so I can take pictures to PROVE how grubby dirty he got was almost impossible! See, he is the one who always wants sticky washed off and doesn't seem to play in the dirt. And for a 2 1/2 year old boy, that seems strange to me! But this weekend, dirty was definitely the name of his game! As was trying to avoid the pictures!
What dirt?

Oops! I think you might have caught me!
What were you thinking?
Of course, after our Saturday night visitors my hubby wasn't so sure about camping within an hour of the house! So Sunday when we were sitting around the fire having breakfast and his mother in law walks up! I am SURE he was really regretting it! Until he realized it meant another person paddling the canoe! Then it was all okay!

My amazing Mom! Hard to believe she is 64 years old!
Looking up from the canoe. Beautiful!

A Bitty Baby Snail! He was moving all over on my thumb!
It didn't matter where we looked this weekend, up in the sky, down in the water, or around our campsite, we saw touches of God in the beauty of nature and the friendship and family that we were with! I am SO thankful that God is so creative and thought to make things functional and beautiful! What a treasure of a weekend!

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