Monday, May 14, 2012

Herbs in my windowsills, what a view!

A while back I got creative and planted herbs in most of my south facing windows. They are THRIVING! Well, some of them! Some are also not doing so well! Big surprise there, the story of my life, what works seems to go great what doesn't seems to be a struggle to eek out something positive.

Dried Basil
My basil was going nuts! Actually, the above pictures show the basil after I trimmed it. I had to trim it and dry the excess because it was too tall! And fresh dried basil has so much flavor compared to the stuff you buy in the stores! WOW!
Flat Leafed Parsley
 My flat leafed parsley was the same way and I can't believe the way it retains it fresh color after drying!
Dried Parsley

Of course I have some issues with my herbs. The chives didn't grow well. I had to replant but they appear to be coming up now! I can't find the rosemary growing either. I TRIED to make the planters be logical so I could remember what was in each one.

One was my "Italian" planter and had basil, oregano, marjoram and flat leaf parsley. So far I think only the basil and parsley are growing. Another was my "chicken" one with curly parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. Well, I think the thyme is growing least I THINK this is thyme!
I'm not 100% sure what this is!
The last planter was my miscellaneous planter with cilantro, chives and lemon basil. Well, I know that the lemon basil is up. And I know my new little chives are up. Of course, in the middle are a whole bunch of volunteer plants! I reused some dirt and apparently things had gone to seed! Every planter has moss roses in it! The kitchen window one has a sensitive plant growing in it!

Lemon Basil
Brand new chives
Sensitive plant

I am so thankful for the herbs that are growing and I will continue replanting until I have all the ones I wanted! And I am so excited about the sensitive plant! One of those plants that just shows that God cares about the little details and that He is so creative! For anyone who doesn't know what a sensitive plant is, watch the short video below and see how the plant reacts when I touch it.

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