Monday, June 11, 2012

Birthday Gift Surprises

Have you ever given your child or anyone else for that matter, a birthday gift that you weren't sure about? We sure have! This year especially. Our daughter can be so hard to buy for! I never know what she likes! She got a TON of Legos for Christmas and those make her very happy so I thought about getting her the Lego Idea book but the store I was at only had one and the cover was torn. Then I forgot all about it! Probably good that I forgot since her grandparents bought her that book and made her happy!

My hubby and I actually took one entire date looking for gifts for Bethany. And we were completely unsatisfied with what we got! That is probably one of my favorite things about my kids' birthdays. My hubby and I go on a birthday gift date. We go out and shop specifically for that child, together, with no one else along. This year we spent the first hour wondering what to even look at for her! Things you think she will love she doesn't react to at all and things that you are pretty sure are just little "filler" gifts so she knows you were thinking of her or so she has more to open than one thing, that is what she loves.

For Bethany this year, we walked and walked through Meijer and finally settled on a fishing pole but then had to decide what kind...after about a half hour standing in front of the fishing rods I was ready to move on to ANYTHING! We also decided to get a couple of new Wii games. See we have had the Wii for two years and still only have maybe 5 games for it and they really only play two of them and we wanted to give them a little variety. Of course, their Wii time is very limited so that is probably part of it! I found a two pack of games I thought they might enjoy...some airplane thing and then miniature golf and we decided we had enough shopping. Then I saw another the series she started a few years ago...and we had to get the new book that was out!

After Christmas I had been in a store and gotten a set of tops. These are a bit different and they are hard to describe but essentially there is a gadget that winds up the tops and there are 5 tops. Supposedly you can start the biggest, then get the next going directly on top, etc. until you have all 5 tops stacked on each other while they are spinning. (I did manage to get 4!) These are the tops Bethany got.

Right before her party Bethany came to me and was telling me that there was a new 39 Clues book out and she almost bought it but she didn't and did I know it was out! She was so excited about it! Since that book was wrapped and on the table I thought I was doing pretty good with my birthday choices! As she opened her gifts she was excited about each thing as most kids are and I thought she would make something with Legos right away or maybe look through the book or play the Wii with her cousins...instead she chose the tops. This is the 39 Clues book that had her excited

Everyone chose the tops! By the end of the night it was a challenge to see if ANYONE could stack all 5. The answer is currently NO but I am sure that more people will try today!

I was really surprised that the favorite gift was the one I kind of tossed in there and didn't put a lot of thought into.

Do you ever experience that with your kids? You think you know them well enough that you know which will be a favorite gift, etc and they really surprise you? What are favorite birthday gifts your kids have gotten? I certainly didn't think my 12 year old would fall in love with a set of tops!

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