Friday, June 15, 2012

Windows Phone Picture Issues, Downloading Complicated!

Today my post will be a little different. I am fed up! I admit it! I am tired of doing things the hard way! And I know there must be an easier way that I just can't figure out!

See, a while back I upgraded my phone. I didn't mean to. My phone was fine. But the spare phone my children share AND my husband's phone had issues with the screens so I went into the phone place to get the new "free" phones for them both. Turns out the cheap basic phones like we always had are kind of a thing of the past! They were around $50 EACH! But the touch screen smart phones were only $0.99 each. So I ended up giving my phone to the kids and getting my hubby and I each a smart phone. I didn't know what phones to get and there were two that were on sale so I got one of each. Since I had a car charger that would fit the Samsung Focus Flash, I kept that and I gave the iPhone 3 to my husband (who loves it).

I love my Samsung phone with one exception. The guy at the store said just plug it in, all of your pictures will download automatically with Zune. I have yet to actually figure out Zune. Then he said something about your pictures being backed up on SkyDrive? Well, I finally found the skydrive thingy and I can see my pictures on it (though not my videos) but I can't figure out how to USE the pictures from my skydrive in things like blog posts. Now, in my mind...and maybe I am wrong...but in my mind I would have my pictures as individual files on my computer and they could be backed up (including videos) on my skydrive. In reality the only way I have figured out how to do it is to click on a picture on my phone share it to my email address, go to my email, open it, click on the picture there and then save it to the picture folder. And I can only do this ONE picture at a time. My phone is FULL of pictures that I need to do this with but haven't taken the time. And I can do it with some videos but others are too large and it won't let me email them to myself. I can share on facebook but I can't figure out how to get them on my computer from my phone.

I know this sounds silly, but when you are mildly irritated by something on a daily basis for months, it gets old. I am quite convinced that there must be an easier way and when I find out what it is I will probably smack my forehead and say "I should have thought of that!".

If anyone has any great ideas or has dealt with this issue and figured out an easier way, PLEASE share that information with me and anyone else out there struggling with the same issue!

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