Monday, July 16, 2012

Just a saying

Ever have one of those moments, where you are scrolling through your facebook and you realize that people reposted a LOT of pictures and saying and such? Some days are like that for me. Often it is first thing in the morning when I realize that people posted a LOT of junk overnight! Then I wonder how they can stay up that late! Normally, I just breeze past them, wondering why some people seem to want to repost about 20 things instead of having an original thought. Today I was doing that...then one caught my eye.

See, I was sitting here being thankful that my daughters come home from North Carolina today. Wondering if I should take pictures of the clothes that don't fit my son and thinking I better ask my sister if they fit my nephew first. Wishing that the computer desk were as clean as it was yesterday morning. Preparing to do my Bible study. Drinking my chai. Wondering if the kids were going to get up on time today (No, probably not!). And all of the other random thought that ramble though my head each morning. I wasn't focused on the facebook updates. And yet one caught my eye.

Here it is courtesty of Your Thriving Family

What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?

OUCH! Just sayin' but my house would be fairly empty! What about yours?

So today, I am thankful. I will start with my family and friends.

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