Monday, July 23, 2012

Rain! Glorious rain!

It is raining again here in Indiana! We need it SO badly! Actually, even though I have been watering the garden over and over and over, I usually go out the next day and it is dry as a bone! This weekend it actually stayed moist and damp and I was able to PULL weeds instead of breaking them off! My beans and squash grew a ton over the last few days! No matter how often I watered, it was just not the same as God's healing rain!

This year has been a challenge for me in the garden. See, I started the year great! My hubby worked and worked and worked the garden and it was wonderful! I got it planted all in one day and it was wonderful! It started to grow well, then the rain stopped. Until this week the last major rainfall we had was on the kids' last day of school...May 30! That is a LONG time!

Of course, I have terrible timing! I planted everything early this year because in the past we have taken a vacation during the first week of August and there has been a TON of produce ready then and I have had to beg my family to take care of the garden while I am gone. This year I planted to have everything ready BEFORE I left, but with the weather, it is probably all still going to be ready when I am gone! Figures!

Does anyone else try to plan ahead? Does it work for you?

I am convinced that my garden is against me. The other thing I was working on was staying on top of those weeds but they went ballistic in the last two weeks and I am SO far behind on them! Hoping to catch up this week so that when I have to have someone else tend the garden, they can FIND the plants to tend!

We had EVERY row weeded and now every row is hidden in Lambs' Quarters. That seems to have taken over this year!

I know that much of the nation is struggling with drought. I know that we are definitely drier than I can remember in a LONG time. I doubt our corn will do anything. The beans might recover since we got a couple of inches in our area this week. Sometimes it is really hard to trust that God knows what He is doing. Yet when we step out in faith and He does amazing things, it is so awesome!


  1. Two questions - who is caring for the animals and the garden this year?

    1. That is only one question silly! :-) And I have a house sitter this year, since my NORMAL one decided he had to go to COLLEGE! :-) So, I got my oldest and tallest daughter to house sit! :-) Love ya Sparke! And I am going to ask my Mom to do any canning or freezing necessary.