Friday, January 11, 2013

Partial Success! And one of those weeks!

Ever had one of those weeks? Where it seems like you have finally gotten the plans in order and then EVERYTHING happens to mess them up? Yeah, I had one of those weeks! I live near some Amish people and I regularly haul for them. I get to take my little man with me but I also get to make my own hours, make a little money, etc. USUALLY. Of course, I don't often turn down "emergency" runs. Doctor for extremely sick people, hospital for accidents, etc.

So Monday I had a run. It was supposed to take the morning. I left at 8 and didn't get home until 3. There went my day! Monday night a friend fell off a roof and broke both of his ankles! Tuesday spent taking him to the doctor for all sorts of tests (still waiting to see if he needs surgery!). Wednesday, a morning run, volunteering at The Center. Wednesday afternoon, volunteering in my daughter's first grade class! If you don't work and are available, it is actually amazing how much you can help a teacher! You don't HAVE to do things inside the classroom! You can make one on one with struggling students....give oral tests to help the teacher spend their time with the entire a book to the class so the teacher has time to do one on one oral tests! But I digress! Then I did the second half of the run (I brought someone out this direction for the day and they wanted to go home!) Picked up and delivered a motorized wheelchair to my friend who broke his ankles. Got home in time to grab a bite to eat, then headed straight out to church for youth group. Whew! I THOUGHT it would get better! Then Thursday another doctor run for the guy with the ankles. Glad I am just running him not paying his bills! Then another Amish friend had gotten new dentures on Tuesday and she called. She needed to go in. The had given her swollen sores in her mouth and she couldn't eat and needed me right away. There went the rest of the day! FINALLY got home and decided to continue tackling that kitchen!  I LOVE my stove. I love to cook on it! I love that I have enough room to have multiple things going! I love the built in griddle. I love the second oven when I am cooking a big meal. I HATE cleaning it! took me 3 hours...but it now is gleaming!

Of course, you can see I am getting ready for my best friend to come over and have chai with me this morning! You can also see that we have a bag we keep recycling in and it is supposed to be never overflowing and always taken out to the big recycle bin outside when it is full. Hmmm...guess what I get to do later!

I am looking forward to chai! My best friend had a rough Christmas and New Year with her mom in Canada getting extremely sick and then dying. I couldn't go be with her then and she has been back almost a week and I still haven't seen her! It has been driving me nuts! So this morning I am looking forward to a WONDERFUL visit. I SHOULD be looking toward some cleaning, organization and such but I am taking time out...renewing our friendship, enjoying a cup of chai and letting her know I care.

Every have weeks like that? All of your plans are messed up and you are WAY behind but you simply have to take the time for someone? Or something? Do you let it bother you or do you go with the flow? How do you handle scheduling mess ups?


  1. Help! I wanted to post my "recipe" for chai on here as a link...but I don't know how. I mean, I want the recipe to be on another page and then me just able to link to it so people can go see it without having to read it in the middle of my article.

  2. Don't know how to do that. But do appreciate the real chai and the visit. Thanks for the time.