Monday, February 18, 2013

Amazing Day!

I just had to post about this! Today was a day off school. Usually I dread those! I knew I was having friends over this afternoon to plan the garden. I knew I wanted the house cleaned up but was sure I was going to have to FIGHT to get it done. I hate that. I dread that! I wanted to avoid today.

James got up early and whiny. Oh great! This is not a great start! The girls didn't get up. We had to get them up. It was later than normal so I was pretty convinced that I was going to end up with grumps! They came down and quietly got breakfast. I wondered then why they were so quiet!

Well, the next thing I knew, they were ALL working on their chores WITHOUT me saying anything! They worked and worked and worked together. The house got cleaner and I got happier and they kept at it! They came to me and asked me to inspect rooms they thought were good enough. They didn't complain when I pointed out areas I thought they had missed! They didn't complain when I asked them to do something, they just stopped what they were doing, did what I asked and then went back to the previous job. This in itself is pretty shocking!

BUT that isn't all! Seriously! It got BETTER!

They asked if they could call Mamaw and have her come and play games. They called and she was going to be an hour or so. They got out the Wii and played together. Usually it only takes about 10 minutes for it to digress into bickering, fighting, insisting that someone is out to get the other, etc. Today, it was quiet. They started laughing. They were nice. They had fun. They stopped and got lunch and cleaned up the Wii without complaint! I was well on my way to my heart attack when my friends came over.

As my friends and I planned our garden (we are sharing this year), my kids played games with my mom. Lots of games. For a couple of hours. With no raised voices, lots of laughter and no fighting! I was SO glad! I was pretty sure it was too good to be true! They continued all day (and at 7 pm they are still calm and happy and I am still in shock!)

Well, I have to admit it! As shocked and pleased as I was, I decided to treat them! We went to Dairy Queen. That doesn't happen often! I thought I would share this short video of my James as he tried to eat his ice cream. He is so particular about getting "yucky" that he didn't really want to hold it! It was really pretty funny! He eventually decided that the ice cream was not worth it and gave the whole thing to his sister!

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  1. So glad you had a fabulous day! Thanks for sharing part of it with me.