Monday, September 26, 2011

How do people do it?

Life with kids is so much fun! I called the doctor's office today to find out when they were going to schedule the surgery for my 21 month old son and was told it was scheduled...for OCTOBER 19! Gee, when were they going to tell me!? Especially since they told me it would be a Monday or a Friday and that is a Wednesday which is really bad for me!

Sometimes it takes so long to just figure out what needs to happen and advocate for each of my children that I wonder how people can ever work and still accomplish everything!

With my James and his tumor and speech therapy, Bethany and her Asperger's and ADHD as well as problems in school, Rebekah with her play practice and Jessica with her emotional outbursts, I am exhausted each week with taking care of them! How do parents ever keep on top of everything with their children and work full time jobs?

I am so thankful that Cory allows me to stay at home with the kids and enjoy my time parenting him and being available for the other kids and their various things! I know it really stresses our family finances but it is SO worth it. We live in a world where people are striving to get more and more physical STUFF and they forget about the importance of the non-physical stuff! Material goods are not all of it, life involves more than that!

I get so frustrated when I see young people who think the world owes them everything and they shouldn't have to work for it. Or they have a skewed vision of what a NECESSITY is.... cable or satellite TV is NOT a necessity!

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