Thursday, September 22, 2011

Garage Sale Prep Day

Well, once again I am starting the morning discouraged! I am getting tired of this!

I managed to have a really crappy Monday and Tuesday and the week has only gotten marginally better!

Monday I was supposed to golf with my mom and sister and ended up getting rained out. I did go bowling with Mom on Monday night but I did horrible!

On Tuesday we got our golf game in, and I did horrible! I'm seeing a pattern here! After the golf I still had a sitter for the youngest so I took advantage and came home. Got a few things done and then decided it was a beautiful day and I was going to take the "puppy" for a walk and teach him how to walk on a leash instead of dragging me! Since he is 10 months old and 66 pounds.

As I am typing this at least on of the kids is on the verge of missing the bus and that means the grumpy bus driver on a good day will be extra grumpy with them today. I had to really yell to get her to move to get out the door and that woke up the baby and he is now grumpy. And I am grumpy because I am missing out now on my personal time to do my stuff in the morning!

Tuesday while I was on the walk with the dog my sister calls and reminds me of a meeting. I SHOULD have had time to get there but the breaker was tripped and I couldn't open the garage door. After I got the garage door open and was on my way, now running late, I ended up with a flat tire. Overall I ended up very frustrated and rushed and I still ended up with worship team that night and lots of things left to do when I got home.

Wednesday was calmer but a busy day as usual. I was home in the morning, then did a bunch of running before ending with a GREAT group at youth group (AKA Fused). Then late getting home and pretty much straight to bed exhausted!

Today is getting set up for a garage sale this weekend with my mom and sister. I have been gathering tons of stuff for it and for some reason am feeling very negative today about the amount of work invoved and then feeling like I am going to end up with nothing selling and being frustrated and discouraged over that. I am noticing myself becoming a very negative person and I don't like that so am actively trying to avoid it. Sometimes easier said than done!

Gotta run, James is getting fussy!

Momma Suz

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