Friday, September 2, 2011

UGH! Definitely a crazy morning!

So here I sit with the littlest monster on my lap. He is really being a monster today! Won't get down but won't hold still either! Oh! I figured out how to change the font! I like that better! :-) For a little one who won't talk, he can certainly make lots of noise! He woke up needing a diaper change and hasn't wanted to leave my lap since! Of course he also hasn't held still and is hurting me so I keep putting him down! He points at the cupboard and ovbiously knows what he wants for breakfast but everything I guess he just gets upset and shakes his head NO! Same with drinks! Finally in desperation there are two breakfast options on the counter and two drinks in sippy cups (he is almost 21 months) and he demands ALL of them! He thinks he can have two drinks, to meals and a ton of toys all on my lap! I know I need to lose weight but even my lap isn't that big!

I really need to get moving today but I am very unmotivated. I finally have the time to exercise today but I am not getting started. I need to do some cleaning today but I haven't started that either. The only thing I have successfully done is check my email and FB stuff and pray for my best friend who is currently taking her oldest to college today. I know she is having a rough day!

ACK! My font changed again! Guess I better be done since he is getting into stuff again!

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