Saturday, March 10, 2012

Homemade Stuff--A new adventure!

Well, I tried it. I have thought about it and thought about it and finally did it! I made homemade laundry detergent...Oh, and not a small batch either! Nope, I went full force and did a WHOLE 5 gallon bucket of it! Gee, let's hope we like it! I also made a 5 gallon bucket of all purpose cleaner that I have made in small batches and LOVE. Now I am thinking....essential oils. I think I wanna play with adding scents to the cleaner. I am wondering if I can just make a big batch of "unscented" and then add oils to it as I put it in my sprayer.  

Now I just need to find a way to organize my stuff. Places to store ingredients and final products. In my dreams I can sell my vanilla and my homemade cleaner and maybe make a little extra money. I don't know if it will work or not, but it is worth a shot! I do know I need to find a way to create a web page for that! Hmmm....too bad I don't know any web designers! I only just figured out how to put pictures and a background on my blog! And I only have 5 followers and I don't think they read it on a regular basis anyway! :-)

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