Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wild Asparagus

Yesterday I had a fun new experience! I talked to a friend and she said she was picking asparagus. I was silly and when she asked if I wanted to come I thought that she was going to someone's house and pick there. The next thing I know she is out beside the road, searching the ditches! 

Now, I am no stranger to searching ditches! Every August we search for and collect many elderberries to make jelly out of. We know there are many beneficial things that grow in the ditches!

I was amazed to find asparagus in the ditches! And more astounding was how my friend could drive down the road and spot it! I was searching and searching and couldn't see a thing! But she found it so many times! We ended up our hour of searching with enough for all three of our families to have a nice meal. And we had a good time together!

Overall it was a wonderful time and I learned something new! 


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