Friday, April 27, 2012

Wow! What a week!

I tried to make the homemade yogurt. That was my last post. Learning experience! I can definitely say we will make it again, but there were a few changed I needed to make! The biggest is that I need to add vanilla to it after it is done "cooking" and before I separate it into containers. Doing that made it a LOT better to my kids! 

I had company all week so feel like I didn't get much done! I got my garden planted last Thursday and here it is, Friday of the next week and I haven't hardly looked at it! 

Tonight my 13 year old is in the high school play so I will be there! Definitely a proud Momma! Of course, most of my Super Random kids are in it also!

My Super Random are a great bunch of kids! They are a part of our church youth group that CHOOSES to continue to meet during the summer months because they really want to get together and study God's word! I love that! They like to support each other through trials and dig deeper into the study. It is awesome! These have all become my "kids" and they really are super and very random! Many different ages and personalities! Definitely one of my biggest blessings in life!

My 2 year old is running through the house this morning! The house has been full of people and now it is empty. Just him and I and he is confused! Where did everyone go?

I am planning on trying to come up with an actual schedule for blogging and trying to make this more formal. We will see how I do with that! The problem is that so many thoughts go through my head!

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