Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Discouraged at Blogging/Parenting

I got busy this week and I didn't blog much. I keep looking at the numbers and linking up with places and asking for input, etc and I keep not getting responses. I got excited one day because after a link up I actually had 79 page views. Then the next two blogs have 4 and 3. Um...yeah, exciting! Then I realized this morning....this isn't for OTHER people....this is for ME! A personal challenge and if someone else benefits, then great!

I have had a crazy busy week this week and I didn't blog much but that is okay with me. I have gardened, I have rearranged refrigerators and freezers, I have organized refrigerators and freezers, I have cleaned refrigerators and freezers, I still have a refrigerator sitting in the middle of my kitchen (and boy do I wish I were joking!). I have had many Amish runs. I worked all day yesterday for an Amish friend. I have tried to find time to feed my family and play with my little man. I have been to the nutritionist. I have been grocery shopping. I have had friends over for a game night, gone to choir and band concerts, had a family gathering, gone to church, gone out to eat with my family, had a date night with my hubby and somewhere in there I am pretty sure I slept!

Today is just as bad! I did my Bible study this morning and had a little down time to actually check Facebook. Now I am blogging. Then I head to school to make sure all the things my kids need taken care of are done. I need to prepare for the lesson for the Super Random kids tonight. I need to take James to my mother-in-law and go to The Center for Whitley County Youth to volunteer there for a couple of hours. I NEED to find my little paper with the menu on it for the lessons I am teaching at The Center this summer! I KNOW that little paper was on the desk a couple days ago! I need to clean but don't see much of that happening. I need to stop at the store and get the food for tonight. Whew, you get the idea. A day in the life of Suz can get pretty crazy!

Tomorrow is the last day of school for the year and I think that has partially led to my craziness. See, I ADORE my children. I love having them with ME....I am not so sure having them near each OTHER is a good option for the summer! If I could find a way to never have certain ones interact with the others and still spend quality time with each one our house would be so much calmer! I am struggling with how to teach them to get along.

Well, I get the feeling I could ramble about a ton of stuff today so instead I think I will just go get James around and head to the school and start my crazy day!


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