Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last Day of School Fall Down the Stairs

I had big plans for today. After all, it is the first day all week I have been SCHEDULED home all day. I am behind in the garden (okay, I have been behind for weeks it seems!) so it makes sense that on the first day it is less than 90 I should plan to garden! Then I think, wow, for three days there has been a refrigerator stuck in the middle of my kitchen but now that it is gone so I can finally get to my sink to do dishes, etc. Then I look around and I realize there is a desperate need for laundry, etc. Then I decided to go to bed....obviously that was last night. Fast forward to this morning!

Usually when my hubby's alarm goes off at 5:15 or so, I wake and I get up. Gee, didn't hear it this morning! My first memory is waking up to it being fairly quiet and wondering where everyone was. Realized that it was 6:23 and everyone was already downstairs! Headed down the stairs and promptly lost my footing and fell HARD! Thankfully we have a unique set of stairs so I didn't fall down all 15 stairs. They are divided with turns and landings so I only fell down 5 stairs.

The section you see the most of is where I fell. I turned the first corner and my left foot slipped out from under me and I fell down to the next landing, right at the tall post on the far right of the screen. I did catch that post with my toes on my right foot, bending them backwards quite painfully.

Okay, as I try to answer my family who is yelling "Are you okay?" I realize that I have no voice. Okay, I can kind of croak but that is it! REALLY? Okay God! What are you trying to tell me? I hobble to the couch and my 13 year old brings me chai, THANK YOU REBEKAH! After a few minutes I decide I better move or I will be too stiff so I head to the computer to check email. My Bethany is supposed to be spending tomorrow with someone (and is quite excited about it) and that lady sends me a message asking if Bethany is ready. She had the days mixed up! She thought it was TODAY. Um. Bethany still has school today! Wow. After a few minutes and her boss being REALLY sweet, Paula was able to get tomorrow instead of today and will not be disappointing Bethany. Okay, I am thinking nothing else can happen! Shouldn't have gone there!

The speech therapist for my 2 year old sends me a message. She can't come until 2:40 instead of 2:00. This means that I was supposed to pick Bethany up from school as soon as I could after speech but now I will not be able to get her and her little friend who can't ride the bus. Um...what now? Maybe my sister can help out! (Still waiting on that answer!)

Okay, now that we have discovered that God wants my attention, what does He have in mind for me? I am still not sure but I know that James is still sleeping so he apparently needed a quiet day as badly as Mommy did! Maybe I need to work on being less busy. Maybe patience. Maybe He just wants me to know He is still there.

Not the way I envisioned my last day with the girls in school. I thought I would spend the morning catching up on my blog, facebook, email and gardening then spend some time working on the statistics for youth group, then spend time playing with James before speech before the kids came home. Then the summer could start with me caught up on stuff.

Okay. Attitude adjustment time! Instead of whining about my plans being messed up, I am going to look forward to what God has in store for me! It must be something great to work so hard to get my attention today!

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