Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lucky Day

My mom called me an asked if I could help her for a few hours. Silly me...I said "Yes" without even knowing what I was agreeing to! Anyone else I trust enough to say that too? Probably my best friend! Not many others!

Turned out it was a beautiful day and Mom needed help straightening fence posts and being a few inches taller than her, I have an advantage while trying to smack the tops of the metal posts with a sledge hammer! Needless to say, my arms were tired by the end of the day!

I could spend my time whining and remembering the aching and the hours in the sun and the slight sunburn I got or I could see all of the beautiful little things that happened that pointed toward God!

James got to play in the grass. He has always been afraid of taller grasses, begging for a "hug" because he knows I won't turn down a HUG but I might be tempted to say "No" to a carry me! :-) Even at 29 months he is pretty smart! He and Duncan (the dog) spent a lot of time in the tall grass, James would sit and stretch out his foot under the grass and Duncan would see the grasses wiggling and think it was a mouse and take off after it!

The crab apples were in bloom, along with another very sweet smelling blossom. It was not only very beautiful, but it smelled wonderful also!

We had James in the wagon and we were headed from one pasture to another and we were just meandering up the barn path when my mom looked down and noticed a LARGE 4-leafed clover.

As we continued through the patures and into the next field we continued finding 4-leafed clovers! Our total without searching (just randomly glancing down and seeing them) totaled 6 4-leaf clovers!

We got out to the last pasture to attack and found a 5-leafed clover!

For us it was a very fun and lucky day! Now, I don't put much stock in the "luck" of a 4-leafed clover, but usually they are hard enough to find that I appreciate the novelty! And I have never seen a 5-leafed clover quite like that!

Sometimes, saying "yes" to helping someone else ends up blessing you more!


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