Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sigh. One of those days!

Seems like not much is going right today. Church was good but then we came home and it seems like the kids are falling apart. I hate days like this. I look around and am overwhelmed by the chores. I decided to write the kids a letter, instead of yelling. I simply let them know I was disappointed that chores don't happen unless yelling happens. I also put the burden of choosing what chores to do on them. Yet another thing to try in my endless saga of trying to get the kids to help around here. I constantly have to say that if 6 people are making the mess and just 1 is cleaning it up, it doesn't work!

So as I was trying to figure out how to reach them, the oldest one was with Grandma and the littlest two. The youngest one fell asleep in the car and Rebekah was able to pick him up, carrying him inside (sleeping soundly!) and cuddle him up to bed! They looked so cute! I was so glad when she came downstairs and asked what chores needed done. She took my letter and made her own chore list and is currently working hard. I decided to go outside and get some gardening done!

I decided to experiment this year and I spent a bit of time today finding all the supplies and creating the beginnings of my tomato ring. I struggle with tomatoes because we love them! We use them a lot! I want to have lots of them so I can get busy canning! Unfortunately I seem to have lots of problems with even heavy duty tomato cages not holding up the plants adequately. I read online...I have NO CLUE where anymore! That happens to me all the time! Seems that some people create tomato rings. They fill the center of the ring with good dirt. You can see the start of that above. I also included strips of cloth so that as the tomatoes grow I can tie them up easily to the center cage.

As I completed the project with 2 liter bottles in the top that have holes in the bottom to SUPPOSEDLY be a slow drain to soak the earth, I realized that I didn't do well! There is dirt falling out of the cages, the bottles have holes that are too big and they drain as fast as you fill, which made the farthest one wobbly and almost fall over. Good concept, not working so well! Hopefully it will get better with time! I am hoping to plant the tomatoes in the next couple of days.

I tried to water the rest of the garden but every single sprinkler I got brand new two weeks ago seems to stick so instead of oscillating properly it gets stuck in one position and FLOODS that area and doesn't water the rest!

I did manage to get the horseradish and asparagus plants in the ground! That is a start!

Hope everyone else had a weekend that went smoother than mine!

Have a great week!

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