Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lilla Rose Review


Okay, I admit it. I saw all the pictures of Lilla Rose stuff and I thought it was a gimmick or something. I mean, really, it is hair stuff....how "new" could it be? And whatever....holding baby fine hair like my daughter who is 6. NOTHING stays in her hair! Especially not the same thing that would stay in my 12 year old's hair as she has REALLY thick hair! She has the same amount of hair in her half up as I do in my full ponytail!

Bethany and her thick hair
So I debated and debated. In May they had a buy 3 get one free...but what if I ended up with 4 of them and HATED them? Didn't want to go there! I still had never seen a "flexi-clip" in person and I had no clue what was so different or amazing about them. I kept seeing give aways on different blogs and everyone seemed to rave about them but you know...that could be fake.  So....what to do? Contact the only Lilla Rose consultant I had seen from the give aways and see if I could do a book party....yeah, I guess if I try that then I am not really out much. Earn some free, see if we fall in love, etc.

Her hair is usually quite tangled
And almost always in her face

My 13 year old (in the background) had medium fine hair. I have medium hair, my 6 year old has baby fine hair and Bethany has THICK hair and lots of it. Hard to find something that works for all. Also, Bethany refuses to wear pony tail holders because they hurt.

By June 1, I am thinking I should have skipped the party and just bought 4 of them and been done with it. Then I see the June flexi of the month and I think it is perfect for my 6 year old. Okay...so maybe I will have this book party...oh look! In the mail comes my books and a free sample. She tells me that the sample is a small. So I put it in...took me a second but it was fairly easy to figure out. I had it in about 10 minutes when my 13 year old said she wanted to try. She wore it the rest of the day! Put out a post on facebook about my Lilla Rose party and got a few quick responses! I was impressed. Seems a few people know about the stuff!

The next day I reclaimed my flexi and discovered that a small is SLIGHTLY too big for me. And I was getting disillusioned and frustrated because I was out and about and it kept slipping out of my pony tail and I kept having to stop and redo it. Yes, it looks nice and doesn't pull, but it was getting to me. Okay....maybe I should try to do the other kinds of hair styles that should work...it would hold better....let's just say I am NOT good at doing hair! :-) I need serious styling help!

Saturday night I decide to mess around with Bethany (my 12 year old) and I have her brush her hair. This is a huge ordeal for her and it is windy outside so she doesn't want to bother because it will just get messed up again. I told her I wanted to try the flexi with her. She looks at me like I am nuts (which is that top picture above! Doesn't she look thrilled!). Then I put up her hair! WOW! Different person! She LOVES it! Apparently when you use the right SIZE it makes a huge difference!

It was so pretty in her hair! I sent her outside to Daddy and he didn't recognize her! She has spent the better part of two years with her hair in her face! All pulled back it changed her so much!

Sunday morning she wore it to church and got so many comments! The small also BARELY holds her pony tail which is a miracle. She actually took the book and went through it and chose her favorite 5 and asked me to get them all for her! That was another miracle! So overall, I am loving the flexi clip and waiting impatiently for my book party to be over (and hoping I get LOTS of orders!) so that I can order an extra small for me and a mini for my 6 year old and more smalls for my Bethany! It is truly amazing how one little thing can make such a difference! Thank you to Sue Ellen for her willingness to do a give away on another page so that I heard of these and tried them for myself!

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