Friday, June 8, 2012

Procrastination? Organization? Distractions? HELP!

So I have realized something about myself. I hide my tendency to procrastinate behind a curtain of organization!

Oh! Wait! Did I just admit that! Yes, I believe I did!

See, I am so overwhelmed by the STUFF that needs to happen that I look for reasons to NOT get started. Now, I am smart enough to know this only makes it worse, but I still seem to do it!

I look through my house and I make lists...and lists...and lists. Then I sit and organize those lists...the kids can do this, I can do that, etc. Then I try to figure out how long each thing should take...and who should do it and when, etc. Then I realize I have shot the whole morning and it is time to make lunch. Then get the kids moving and get the littlest down for a nap and then it is hot outside and I don't wanna garden and the kids aren't focusing and there come more distractions! Phone calls, texts, etc.

Finally I get to work! It is probably only 2:30 by then! Of course, I only have an hour until my hubby comes home and needs help with something...or just to tell me about his day. Then again, it is time to think about dinner, right? And tonight dinner needs to be early because I have somewhere to be later.

Oh my! What a habit! And if my kids did it, I would be horrified! is my solution!

Yes, it involves a SMALL list! Yes, it will take me time to write it out. But it will also help me stay accountable!

Here is my plan. Today, I am going to tackle the kitchen. I have been sick for a week and have not had much energy so my kitchen is in BAD shape!

 So I am being really real right now. I JUST took these pictures of my kitchen. It is currently 7:08 AM here. I told my daughter who spent the night at a friend's last night that she had to be home by 9:00 AM. I am going to make it my goal to have the floors cleaned swept and mopped. The dishwasher emptied and refilled and all misplaced items that are NOT dirty dishes put away before she gets home. I will point out however, that this is EXACTLY why I am constantly telling my family that when 6 people are making the mess and only 1 person is cleaning it up, it just doesn't work! When that one person is sick and doesn't do her job, the place falls to ruin!

Does anyone else out there have this problem? Does anyone else out there have moments when they get overwhelmed and play the avoidance game? Please tell me I am not alone!

In the effort of total accountability and are the after pictures....I took them right at 9:00.

I know it isn't perfect but you can see significant improvement and I am exhausted. Definitely still suffering from sickness!

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