Friday, July 6, 2012

Amazing Slip and Slide

So we have a large hill...Okay. I mean HUGE! And a brilliant mind in the family! Yes, the same brilliant mind who tries to blog daily but often forgets!

This brilliant mind decided that a sprinkler, our hill, some dish soap and a LONG piece of plastic could be LOTS of fun! I will TRY to post things on here with pictures but I am still really struggling to get things off my phone!

James was "helping" as we tried to straighten out the plastic along the hill so that the water went straight down the center since we figured the kids would naturally follow the water.

This video is a bit long but even watching the first 30 seconds of it or so gives you the idea of how well the slip and slide worked!

Unfortunately the slip and slide worked VERY well. This means if you tried to stop yourself going down the hill, the momentum carried you along anyway. My 12 year old found that out the hard way! She tried to stop and caught her finger....Oops!

She broke it!

This is the end result. She had to break it in a bad spot as you can see from the bruising right at the base of her finger. It took a few shots (which shes does NOT handle well so it took two men and I to hold her down for that!) and a while in traction before the finger could be manipulated into place.

But all is good and the finger will be fine in a few weeks. Unfortunately for her it is summertime and Grandma has a nice pond that she can't use much! And that cast won't be comfortable in the heat!

Overall, it was a great day! Even Bethany admits she had fun!

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