Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Farmer's Market

New experience for me today. I took an Amish friend to a farmer's market and instead of dropping off him and his veggies, I decided to stay and sell my vanilla and my lip balms.

I have never actually sold at a Farmer's Market before. It was an interesting experience. The people were VERY friendly and the vendors were VERY willing to give suggestions as to how many people usually come, where else to try to sell things, etc.

There were two ladies who sold baked goods who were VERY interested in my vanilla. The wind really helped me because at one point I opened a bottle of vanilla and the lady across the way actually smelled the vanilla!

Marty, my Amish friend, didn't do that great with selling his veggies but I did sell four bottles of vanilla and four of my homemade all natural lip balms. I was very excited about that! It probably would not have been enough to make it worthwhile to go myself, but it was a very fun experience and if we can continue going and setting up together it will be a fun experience!

Does anyone else make anything or sell at Farmer's Markets?

Feel free to comment with your web site or information about what you make! Free advertising!

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  1. So glad you were able to go and sell there. Hope that continues for you. It takes time though to build up a customer base.