Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Meals (and exchange student notes)

Okay. So I have been behind in blogging...but I thought I would share a little! Not this week's menu, but last weeks! We got an exchange student and I have been keeping track of what I fix and trying to see what she likes.

Here is what I have fixed. I thought I would share. If you want a recipe, just post! I will make sure to post that recipe!


Chicken Legs on the grill, half were bbq and half were italian--new experience for Laura
Mashed potatos
Green beans from the garden


Homemade Pizza with a variety of toppings


Sloppy Joes--new for Laura
Corn on the cob--new for Laura  (Can you IMAGINE!)


Hamburgers on grill
French fries


Cookout at Mom's
Hot dogs
Marshmallows over the fire--new for Laura
Smores--new for Laura


Scalloped potatos
Cherry Pie--new for Laura


Burritos--new for Laura


Chinese meal--ginger chicken--new to Laura (Finally something she didn't like! She liked the rice and such but not the sauce)

WOW! For me these are just typical meals that I fix on a regular basis. I was SHOCKED to find that so many of these things were so new to her! She is so wonderful about trying everything we offer and seems to be really enjoying her time here so far! We are certainly enjoying her! I would highly recommend an exchange student for anyone who has room and wants to expand their cultural horizons!

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