Monday, January 7, 2013

My Newest Plan...A book plug....and wishing I knew how to embed documents!

My newest plan! It seems like I always have a plan! Oh the lack of follow through!

So here it is! My grand new scheme! Weekly assignments! Okay, sounds small, but seriously! I am going to start by having January be divided into weeks! Yeah, duh, look at a calendar Suz....someone did that LONG ago!  But seriously, I am tired of forgetting which child got assigned which chores, having NO help in the kitchen then having the kids complain because they don't know how to cook, yet always saying "No" when I ask if they want to now it won't be an option!

Starting today....because I thought of it today and for no other reason....each child will be responsible for one area each week. The child who get the living room this week will get the foyer next week....the week they have the foyer they will also (since that is a smaller area) get the laundry room and laundry swapping tasks for the week....then next week is the dining room and the week they have the dining room they will also be in charge of the NEXT weeks meal plan and grocery list and grocery shopping with Momma and ONLY Momma and that child so it is special! The last week is the kitchen! When in the kitchen they will be in there helping prep, cook and clean up every meal that they are home for. If you look closely at my "Plan" you will note that the week BEFORE they were in the kitchen they chose the meals for the week they are IN the kitchen. Hopefully giving them some ownership in the meals and what they want to learn how to cook. I have NO idea if this will work, even though it sounds good on paper!

If I knew how to embed documents like .PDF files that so many other wonderful people online, I would embed the grocery list and menu plans that I am planning on using...but alas, I can't remember what sites I got them from and I have no clue how to embed anything except pictures and links! I suppose that is one more thing I need to put on my To Do List...learn that!

Also, I read a book today..Beyond The Chore Chart: Chores, Kids and the Secret to a Happy Mom

No, I am not getting paid, either by Amazon (Hmmm...I wish I could!) or the Author (who describes herself and could have been describing ME! Scary!)

But it was very motivating and I was glad to see that I have been on track with my children and chores. Unfortunately I still have a way to go and hopefully my new plan will help me get there. And the funny thing is that my plan is not from her book, it is from my head after reading her book! :-) Amazing how reading something will trigger other thoughts and ideas. Anyway, if anyone else is struggling with their children and chores, try her little book. It is a good read!

Have a great day and I will try to keep you posted on whether it actually works for us or not!

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