Sunday, January 6, 2013

New kitchen rug and other steals

Well, since my kitchen was cleaned, even though I am still not happy with the polish on the floors, I decided the rug needed updated also. And since I found one I liked today, I bought it. Came home and put it out and I do love it...except that it is VERY slippery on the floor! Guess I have to find some of that rubber backing stuff! If you look closely at the picture you might get a hint of another post to come....soon after I motivate my hubby!

Also discovered that the olive oil that is usually $11.99 at Menard's was on sale for $7.99 but they also have a sale going on where you can get anything you can fit in a paper sack for an additional 20% off. price for my 68 oz (2 Liters) of olive oil....$6.40! That is quite a steal! I am now thinking I should have picked up another one!

How many times do I go to the store for one thing and end up getting tons of stuff...or unrelated stuff!? Sometimes it is a GREAT deal! Like last night, I didn't want to go shopping at all. I really don't like shopping! But since I was out with our exchange student and she wanted to shop, I looked at the clearance stuff. I ended up in Aeropostle (I NEVER buy name brand!) and was looking around. I found these ADORABLE wool pea coats for my daughters....but I looked at the price...$119.50. Um. NOT going to happen! But the I looked at the rack! I even called an employee over to verify the price because I just couldn't believe that I was reading it right! The answer was "YES! The really are ust $15.00!" Okay, seriously people! That is a STEAL! Over $100 in savings! Needless to say my girls are QUITE happy with their new church coats and I am quite happy with the savings!

Here is a back view of Bubba that I took trying to capture how cute her new coat looks with her boots she got at Christmas! Really a cute and sassy look for her! She wouldn't hold still so it isn't the best picture!


  1. Did she get books or boots for Christmas??

    1. Picky picky! I fixed it! She got both boots AND books for Christmas but happens to be wearing the BOOTS in the picture!

  2. Lol. I had to laugh...and pick on you.