Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year, New Post

Well, it is a new year and it has been a LONG time since I posted! I find I really struggle with motivation, especially in the winter months! Of course, that is when I have the most time! I admit, part of it for me was struggling to figure out how to get pictures off of my phone. I got a new phone so hopefully that will be one problem solved!

I am currently in the middle of a HUGE project! Why do I do this to myself? It seems I decide to do all the stuff at once! I am creating a Household Binder.

I am weeding through tons of websites to figure out what will work for me to include...and as I am searching I am finding daily calendars, daily chore charts, chore ideas for children, devotionals, blog organizers, etc! Of course, I have to decide to print off or save all of that wonderful material! Now I just need to figure out how to organize it all!

I am currently taking everything I printed and putting it in binders. I figure the order doesn't matter quite yet as long as I get it in the right order and in a binder so the kids have LESS of a chance to destroy it! I am doing this in and around dishes and laundry and other never ending chores!

I have these great thoughts, these great plans, and  yet the follow through is what just doesn't happen so many times. I also get these plans and forget them just as quickly! So I am going to incorporate and idea section where I am going to record all of my ideas and plans and then see later if they still sound as awesome!

So, since I am on the big project ideas, we also bought some sample paints for our living room and stairway area. This is a HUGE project that we have been avoiding! I LOVE some of the rooms in my house and I think I am going to go through and clean and organize each one as a separate blog post and I will probably do a lot of painting (if I can talk my hubby into that!) so I won't bother you with the details now.

My son got a HUGE train set for Christmas and it ends up with the house constantly messy and I think that might be a big part of my desire to organize right now! Control the chaos I can!

Does anyone else find that winter is a great time to think and plan on projects? Does anyone else have problems with following through? What helps motivate you?

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  1. I long to be organized. But can't seem to make is a huge challenge to me. I did get a few things done today though so it's a start.