Thursday, October 6, 2011

Had a great visit with my best friend this morning but have to admit, I sometimes feel like I dominate the conversation! Sometimes it is less that and more lack of time to touch on all the subjects we would LIKE to touch on! I often wish that we had more time to connect on scriptures and spiritual support but both of us are MOMS and therefore crazy busy!

The house is quiet now and I SHOULD be doing stuff. The youth group attendance is done (and was by 7:45 am!) my visit is over, my dishwasher needs emptied and refilled, the laundry needs done and there are always areas of the house that need cleaned! I keep trying to do the 31 days to clean book I have and yet day two involves cleaning the fridge and that is my stopper! Don't think I have managed to get past that one yet!

I have been realizing that I am spending more time worrying than I am in prayer so I have been trying to change that. I am not intentionally worrying, I just often find myself dwelling on my problems or the problems of people I care about and wondering how to help or fix the problems. I am discovering that I have great intentions but my follow through stinks! :-) I want to be a better wife, mom, housekeeper, friend, youth group leader, second Mom to teenagers, volunteer. and most importantly, child of God. There are days when I think I stretch myself too thin and days when I sit at home and am quite frankly lazy! I am noticing that those lazy days seem to come in my down times. I am discouraged and frustrated and unmotivated seems to walk hand in hand with that. I am starting to realize that if I spend those lazy days focusing on God, then I end up having a better day the next day!

Looking around I see that even though I am feeling quite relaxed and WANT to spend the day relaxing, I need to get busy! Maybe even break out day 3 of 31 days to clean! :-) I won a new devotional on a blog the other came in the mail and I haven't had the time to explore it. I need to look at the chore book and see what chapter we are ready to read. When I was reading that out loud with the kids their chore attitudes were better! I need to organize my time a bit better each day and give it a week and see how it does! At least I love my new calendar and feel it is really helping me! Definitely need to keep up with it!

In Him!

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