Thursday, February 9, 2012

Just some morning thoughts

As I sit this morning and listen to my 2 year old son playing, I am filled with Peace. I shouldn't be! After a few days of crazy busy AWAY from home, I have TONS to do AT home. I can (and will) sit and generate a list a couple of pages long of stuff I should be doing! I will never be able to accomplish it all in one day. Usually that gives me a restless feeling of despair! The lists never end, the chores are never done, laundry multiplies faster than rabbits!

I am sensing God's work in my life and my stress level is decreasing substantially! This is a wonderful thing! The less stressed I am, the more I sense God. The more I sense God, the more my stress decreases! What a blessing!

I am also finding that my spring fever is hitting early! I have so many plans and so few actual well thought out ways to implement them! I bounce from one thing to another! I want the house cleaned, I want the garden planned, I want the organic pesticides made and ready, I want my taxes done, I want my bills paid (HAH!), I want to sort out ALL the clothes that don't fit anyone in the house, I want to exercise, I want to feel more energy, I want to get EVERYTHING in place for the new home based business I dream of starting. I want to learn to build a better, more colorful, more picture filled blog, finish all the books I want to read, organize pictures, find the missing stuff around here so I can hang new hooks for kids coats...see, the list never ends!

Now to see how to get momentum and keep it going! Guess I will have to start in one room and just go around and get as much done as possible! It will have to be the kitchen! I have no clean counters, no clue what is in the fridge for food and have to leave tonight!

I pray each person reading this has a wonderful Peace Filled day today!


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