Monday, April 16, 2012

Homemade Yogurt

Well, the project is started. I admit I am unsure how to tell if it is successful! Since I appear to have some sort of food intolerance for yogurt, but my kids love it, I will have to see if they eat it! 

I am still trying to decide how to flavor it. I know my girls are simply fussy but they claim not to like plain yogurt that I add fruit to. Now, really, what is fruit on the bottom yogurt? Plain yogurt flavored to fruit! DUH! But apparently it is the mental block of it being store bought. I am hoping that they will get over it and decide that if they want yogurt they will eat this. So much cheaper than other yogurt. 

I must say that my experiements with other homemade stuff have been surprisingly successful and I am pleased with the collection of recipes I am getting. Since I already love to cook I figured many wouldn't be hard to make, my concern was whether we would actually like the products or not. So far so good anyway!

I sit here listening to the wind, tired since my son has decided he should get up at all hours. I actually fell asleep a little bit ago while trying to read a book but then he started fussing and I didn't think he was going to nap but now he is quiet. This is probably the first nap I have taken in 3 years and I only slept about 10 minutes! Now I am groggy with a headache. Not sure that was worth it! 

Ah well, off to finish a couple more things before I get invaded by the kids coming home from school!

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